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Autism in the News: April

Interested about how Autism is in the news, every month I will be sharing important articles that I think people should read.

New York Times: More Girls are being diagnosed with Autism

Washington Post: He’s been diagnosed with autism. Is it too late to keep his job?

Newsnation: Study: Kids with Autism expelled at an alarming rate

Assosiated Press: Autism now more common among Black, Hispanic kids in US

New York Times: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Soon to Announce White House Run, Sows Doubts About Vaccines

Los Angeles Times: Autism and ADHD often go hand in hand . What is it like to have ‘AuDHD’?

New York Post: ‘Profound Autism’ makes up 1 in 4 cases: CDC

Note: While it is always critical to find adequate support for all Autistic people, regardless of support need, categorizing Autistics into categories is harmful in two ways: Autism is individualized it can’t easily be sorted into categories and using a term such as severe or mild categorize Autism as an evil disease.

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