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Our Programs

Rafi is available for speaking engagements and workshops catered to the needs and/or desires of your group. Programs within the New York Tri-State area have the choice of in-person or Zoom. All other programming will occur on Zoom or an alternative platform.  


Bringing experience speaking with students of all ages by tailoring his message in an age-appropriate manner, Rafi will explain what Autism is and how it affects people differently, while empowering students to include their Autistic peers in activities. 

Teachers and Professional Development

Reflecting on his personal experiences, Rafi will discuss the role that schools and teachers play in Autism awareness and inclusion efforts, covering topics such as communication and coordination with parents and administration, and the teacher's role in facilitating inclusive lessons and activities.  Content will vary based on the grade levels taught by teachers.


Reflecting on his personal experiences in day and overnight camp, Rafi believes that both offer Autistic campers with excellent avenues for inclusion. Rafi will speak separately with counselors and staff about their roles in facilitating inclusive programming without changing the culture of camp, and with campers about a few sensitivities that may be unique to facilitating inclusion while living in a bunk or navigating a more unstructured environment than school. 

Adult Groups

Relating a personal perspective that reaches beyond education, Rafi is passionate about community education. Speaking with adult groups such as men's/women's clubs, community organizations and local government, Rafi will vary the program as necessary while focusing on explaining Autism is, debunking misconceptions, and exploring what we can do to help Autistic people reach their full potential.

Autism Inclusion Shabbat (perfect for synagogues!)

Being shomer shabbat, Rafi understands the sanctity and holiness of Shabbat. Therefore, he hopes to bring his message to the congregation. For those interested, Rafi is willing to speak at a synagogue during shabbat by using pre-printed source sheets. During his presentation, Rafi will pull in traditional Jewish sources, personal anecdotes, and relevant information to share the important message of inclusion. Rafi is also willing to lead small discussion groups during meals or onegs. Because he is observant, for this event, Rafi will require somewhere to stay over Shabbat.

Jewish Organizations

One unique lens that Rafi brings to speaking engagements is his experience as an Autistic Jew. Meeting regularly with synagogues, Jewish day schools, youth groups and community centers, Rafi reflects on the challenges he has faced as an Autistic Jew to raise awareness of what Jewish institutions can do to increase inclusion. 

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