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Educating about Autism.
Inclusion. Awareness. Acceptance.




"Everyone on the spectrum is different, You can support an Autistic person by asking what is easy for them and what is difficult for them."

Rafi is an Autistic speaker and activist from New City, New York. He was diagnosed with Autism at age two and learned about his diagnosis when he was in second grade. As Rafi has gotten older, his thoughts on being Autistic evolved to the point that he is at today. Rafi believes his Autism is an asset, but one that is not easy to navigate. With that in mind, Rafi is committed to working with Autistic and neurotypical members of society to meaningfully include people on the spectrum in all aspects of life so that they reach their full potential. Rafi spreads his message of empathy and inclusion through his blog and public speaking events. 

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